Fast & Smooth Production: Manufacture panels created with CAD software by knowing time period for production and amount of steel to be used.

Advanced Production Options: Produce Profile option allows you to produce any profile of any particular panel in any amount you need. For example; you can produce exterior profiles of a panel with thicker steel and interior profiles with thinner steel, in this way you can reduce your costs by 40-50%.

Produce Without Drawing: Manual Production feature allows you to create profiles to meet your requirements. It can be done on IZFORM OS without any neccessity of CAD software. After you create profiles you can produce in any amounts needed.

Accesibility: Control IZFORM OS with touchscreen Control Board without any neccesity of keyboard and mouse.

User-Friendly Interface: Follow which toolhead is working, which profile is produced at the moment, order of toolheads, time spent and amount of rivets (screws) needed in Producion and Simulation sections easily. Before starting to produce, it allows you to observe panels if there are any mistakes in order to minimize your errors.

Creating Log Files: Under favor of creating log files, summary of your production is saved on excell files daily, thus, you can keep track of which panels produced when, how many hours machine had worked accurately.