In our CAD program 2D and 3D modeling environments are directly connected to each other in order to perform a lot of operations quickly and easily. Working with modifiable design objects allows you to create structural elements accurately and efficiently.

Accelerate your work flow with designing most suitable projects for your clients by means of creative solutions and applicable platform.

Acquire full control of your model with help of automated panel creating tools and advanced options. Create documents in DWG, DXF, and PDF formats of your model built in CAD. Get material reports in Microsoft Excell or other formats.

VERTEX BD is an internationally accepted CAD program which is used by global brands. Besides that, it is continuously updated and developed by qualified software and civil engineers. Additional features (different toolheads and processes) can be added to software in order to allow making changes in wall, roof and connection details in accordance with clients needs. Furthermore, while creating trusses, loads ( roof, snow, wind etc.) can be added to system in order to perform static calculation.